Community Guidelines for Volunteers

Community Guidelines 4

Welcome to the Time Auction community — Our community is rooted in its shared values and we all play a key role to uphold the standards and behaviours to respect the community. These guidelines are here to help you understand what it means to be a volunteer on our platform.

Things to do:

  • Play nice
    We’re a community of many types of people, who may not think, believe or see the same perspective as you. Be polite and understanding in your interaction with others.
  • Be responsive
    Please respond promptly to organizations’ communication regarding the volunteer projects you’ve applied to or taken on.
  • Be patient
    Many NGOs have very limited manpower (that’s why they need you!), so please be patient as it may take some time for them to respond to you. 
  • Be clear and transparent
    A large part of a rewarding volunteer experience starts with expectation alignment. Please be realistic and clear with the organizations about what you can take on with consideration of your capacity and schedule.

Things not to do:

  • Don't go MIA
    We understand sometimes things get in the way, and you are no longer able to commit to volunteering. Please be transparent and let the organization know if you need to withdraw or pause on the project, so they can plan and engage other volunteers to continue their programs.
  • Don't use Time Auction for commercial purposes
    Don’t harass, spam or solicit business from other volunteer and organization members. Accounts of such behavior will be deleted.

We highly appreciate your effort in being a responsible and committed volunteer on our platform. Wishing you an enjoyable and enriching volunteer experience, and thank YOU for choosing to give back with us!

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who does not comply with our community guidelines, privacy policy and terms and conditions

Updated on 5 May, 2021
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Community Guidelines for Organizations

At Time Auction, we value our community greatly and work with our partners to uphold the below standards and behaviours, which keeps the volunteers engaged and motivated! These guidelines will help you understand what it means to be a non-profit or social enterprise partner on our platform.

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