Do the Right Things Right — Lunch with Angel Ng, CEO of Citi Hong Kong and Macau

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Lunch with Angel raised 91 volunteer hours!

Sometimes the most meaningful and inspiring conversations happen over casual meals. The Time Auction Blog is a snippet of our meetings with people who have found passion in their life and career.

During our everyday life, there can be many fears that can switch on procrastination. It could be attributed to our fear of failure, fear due to perfectionism and more. We may delay dialogue with people dearly in our hearts or delay in pursuing our dreams.

Angel Ng left a kind reminder for people of all ages — to chase what you value with passion and have a sense of responsibility in everything we do in life. A positive life attitude does not have room to contain procrastination. This applies to one’s career, lifestyle, aspirations and more.

It’s a perspective that made her the leader she is today .

Who is Angel Ng?

Angel is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Citi Hong Kong and Macau. She was appointed to this position in May 2018 to oversee Citi’s operations in both markets.

Angel has been instrumental in the digital transformation of Citi Hong Kong. A strong advocate of work-life balance and diversity, Angel is a member of the Citi Women Global Affinity Steering Committee. She is also a founding member of Women Chief Executives Hong Kong, an informal network that promotes gender diversity in the industry.

Angel holds multiple positions in a myriad of business, industry and professionals associations, as well as non-profit organizations including The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers, and The Community Chest of Hong Kong.


Make Good Decisions

“Do the right things right.”

Two wrongs don’t make a right, but neither does making the wrong decisions with good intentions. As Angel puts it, even when our intentions are good, if the approach is incorrect, the ‘right’ can become a ‘wrong’.

Invest in Your Well-Being

Angel began to take her health and well-being seriously a few years ago. She has developed a habit of exercising including going running on the weekends. Despite claiming that exercise is not in her DNA, it became a habit that she followed religiously. After 3 years of practice, Angel can now run around 6–7 kilometers.

“I enjoy running because not only does it improve my metabolism but it helps clear my mind.”

Angel also advocates for millennials to get good sleep. She was inspired by a book to begin this habit and made it a mission to go to bed before 11:00PM and get eight hours of sleep every day.

“When you’re young, you believe that 24 hours is never enough. But sleeping well is important, a good night sleep cleanses your brain and you will wake up feeling energised and prepared for a new day.”

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“Go Chess is both art and science!”

Angel is often in awe with people who can play Go Chess. From her point of view, the ‘art’ of this game is related to the strategic mindset and patience chess players are equipped with. The ‘science’ portion lies in the calculation of steps — a quantitative process. This is why Go Chess is a skill she wishes to learn and master one day.

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Thank you so much to Angel for raising 91 volunteer hours and all the volunteers who dedicated their hours for charities such as Food Angel, Impact HK and more! We would also like to thank photographer IX from Kachick and our venue sponsor The Hive Wan Chai!

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Updated on 8 April, 2021
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