Gay Games Hong Kong 2022 — Lunch with Alvin Yeung, Civic Party Leader

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Hong Kong is shortlisted with Washington DC and Guadalajara to bid for hosting the Gay Games in 2022, the largest global sport and cultural gathering to promote unity in diversity.

To support bringing the global event to HK, we hosted a “Sports & Diversity: Gay Games” Lunch with Civic Party Leader and Gay Games HK Ambassador Alvin Yeung, with the Gay Games Community Reception volunteers. We asked him a few life questions and why the young political leader would like to see Gay Games hosted in Hong Kong.

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What’s your life motto?

“It could be very simple. Sometimes I think you don’t need one of those mottos to keep you going, but then of course we adopt, especially in politics,

you do what is right not what is easy.

I think that keeps me driving, especially in Hong Kong.”

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Do you have as a habit to continuously improve yourself?

“To eat. To eat well.

Don’t take things overly seriously, especially in politics, especially when we are in this society where things are coming at you from everywhere. Of course there are things that you have to be very serious; there are principles that you have to uphold. But as an attitude, as an approach to all these challenges, try not to take them overly seriously, otherwise you just can’t rest.”

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Why would you want Gay Games to be hosted in Hong Kong?

“For simple reason, we deserve it. Hong Kong is an international city, we have a very diverse population and we are supposed to be very open-minded, we are supposed to be very modern and Gay Games is something that can highlight inclusiveness.

We deserve to have this game, we deserve to tell the rest of the world that Hong Kong is up to that standard, we are part of this international community, that we welcome all people.”

How do you see the progress of diversity and inclusion and LGBT in 2022?

“Well, we are talking about 5 years time, so none of us have a crystal ball here. We don’t know, but I think our job is to make sure that even without this crystal ball we can still see it, we can still achieve it. And how to do it? I think we all have to take part, we have to go to the community, we have to talk to people, we have to win them over, we have to win the Conservatives over, we have to win over these people who don’t really know about Gay Games and about why the society has to be so diverse, so it’s our job.”

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Thank you Alvin for donating lunch, and thanks to all the attendees for volunteering at Gay Games Community Reception!

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Updated on 8 April, 2021
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