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Meet Bryony from YMCA of Hong Kong!

Bryony is the Communications Manager at YMCA of Hong Kong, an NGO that strives to provide holistic services for those in need in order to help them actualize their dreams!

Since YMCA of HK already has a well-established volunteer movement of its own, why did they still reach out to Time Auction for help? Even though most YMCA volunteers are in a sense, “alumni” as many are former program participants, most of them are more experienced in their own programs and are relatively young. In other words, YMCA has no existing database to request skilled volunteers for event support!

YMCA youth leaders at World Council
YMCA Youth Leaders at World Council

A Pleasant Surprise!

Bryony recalls initially learning about Time Auction and though she was excited about the prospects of this platform, she felt skeptical hearing that there were already 4600+ volunteers matched with over 360 NGO/SEs, and even more that are part of the community! She asked herself, “Are there really that many professionals willing to volunteer in Hong Kong?” Without any expectations, she decided to take a leap of faith and posted a project asking for event managers/planners to act as the advisory board for their upcoming Youth Symposium which celebrates their 120th anniversary!

Within days, applications came flooding in!

“I was in complete shock! We received 14 highly qualified and enthusiastic applications in a matter of days -- way more than we were even looking for!”

When asked, “What was the most challenging part of this process?” She responded swiftly with “Rejecting applicants! Each one of them was so compassionate and passionate about helping and it hurts me so much to only pick 5 applicants!”

After personally conducting 14 interviews, Bryony made the difficult decision of getting 5 perfect candidates on board!

“It was a perfect combination of diverse applicants but equally passionate and qualified! From newly graduated young professionals to a mid-senior expert, I am beyond appreciative of this team.”

Advisory Committee 2Y
These are the 5 volunteers Bryony recruited from Time Auction, Sampson (1st left), Esan (3rd left), Angela (2nd right), Hailey (4th right) and Anson on the screen, plus YMCA staff and youth leaders!

“In our team, we have two young women who are representative of our target audience for the Youth Symposium event. Having access to their personal experiences and opinions allows us to understand what would attract their demographic to come. Meanwhile, the more senior event organizers are able to give us professional tips on how to make things work in each phase of the project. Altogether, the brainstorming sessions with them have been incredible. Seeing them bring their well thought out ideas to the table, contributing whole-heartedly to the project both in-person and in their spare time has been heartwarming and inspiring, to say the least.”

Execution Team 2
This is a recent photo with the symposium execution team, with 3 skilled-volunteers Bryony has recruited from our platform.

“You can just see from my smile how satisfied I am with the quality of the skilled volunteers that we have recruited. Since everything was so on schedule, within 2 months, we were  able to get the entire rundown of the event consolidated!”

Trust the Process!

Service Trip Guangxi

Bryony urges more people to join the skilled volunteering journey! “NGOs don’t have many resources and we can’t hire that many people! Skilled volunteers help to save money and time while giving expertise that our core team may not necessarily have. The YMCA team sincerely appreciates all who are willing to devote their time to generate more impact for our cause!”

To NGOs, Bryony keeps it short and simple by saying, “Just post the project.” 

“Trust the process and the platform because there are so many experienced and qualified people out there willing to help and give back to the community.”

Thank you so much to Bryony for sharing her insights and awesome journey of using our skilled-volunteering matching platform!

To be featured as our community member, embark on your volunteering journey by discovering projects you can help with now: 

Interviewed and written by Katia Shek

Updated on 5 August, 2021
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