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Meet Charlie!

Charlie is the Technology Consultant at one of the most well-known tech companies. He has been actively involved in software and product development projects as a volunteer since university and he is determined to use his skills to generate further impact for the world!

Where To Find Volunteering Opportunities For A Tech-Fresh Graduate?


"Aligning with the vision of Time Auction, I embarked on another skilled-volunteering journey with this platform."

In light of the opportunities provided by university, Charlie has immersed himself in volunteerism prior to discovering Time Auction, involving in projects such as joining a service trip to Nepal, coordinating volunteering activities in Sri Lanka and assisting with mobile apps development in Cambodia etc, to enhance his expertise and global insights. Skilled volunteering has already been ingrained as one of his habits.

It was relatively challenging for Charlie to find skilled-volunteer projects after graduation. Introduced by his friend, Charlie discovered Time Auction and the platform seemed to be the ideal channel for him to further polish his technological skill sets, advancing from the projects suggested by his university.

Charlie's Volunteering Journey —— 1st Mentoring Experience In His Life

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With his work experience in technological consulting, Charlie's volunteer work revolves around technical aspects, ranging from IT consultation to UI / UX designing. Upon signing up to our platform, Charlie was successfully matched with Junior Achievement Hong Kong as a Product Design Mentor.

Gaining enough credits as an executor in the past, Charlie has level-upped to be a mentor this time. Strongly equipped with his professional experience and getting clear guidelines from the organisation, Charlie was able to confidently inspire and nurture a group of secondary school students, who were curious in exploring further possibilities of their product and improving their design!

"As a Full-Stack Software Engineer, skilled-volunteering allows me to polish my skills through tackling real-life problems while helping others."

Charlie's biggest takeaway from skilled-volunteering is the accumulation of his professional experience and personal development. Solid foundation of hard skills is required for a full-stack software engineer to create and develop cognitive and innovative solutions. It is pivotal for Charlie to regularly refine and re-evaluate his skills in order to progress and keep up with the rapid advancement of technological industry, maximising his capability and preparing himself for the next challenge!

Grasp The Magic of Volunteerism!

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"The unpredictable reward of self-enhancement is always the intriguing point of volunteering."

Charlie shares his volunteering mindset as words of encouragement — Be openminded and devote yourself in the process, focus on the values volunteerism brings rather than the tangible rewards. The most appealing to Charlie is discovering the values he gained through experiences and interaction, and with each volunteer project being different, the unpredictability of what you'll explore about yourself or your skills makes it even more exciting!

Thank you so much to Charlie for contributing 82 volunteer hours and more to come!

To be featured as our community member, embark on your volunteering journey by discovering projects you can help with now:

Interviewed & Written by Haley Yu

Updated on 25 August, 2021
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