Lunch with Douglas, Co-founder of G.O.D.

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Douglas taking us on a tour of the awesome G.O.D. office

Started in 1996, G.O.D. has evolved into a lifestyle brand and a contemporary icon of Hong Kong culture.

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Good company, good food

“There is so much beauty in our culture. Our mission is to use design to conserve our heritage in modern times.”

said Douglas as he shares with us his story and vision. His passion in crafting a HK brand identity and support for local designers is evident in their office — not only do they have a priceless collection of historic items, they even have a factory space that is still proudly producing “made in Hong Kong” products!

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Thank you Douglas for the lunch and office visit, which has contributed over 85 volunteer hours to Harmony House, 仁愛之家 and more.

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Updated on 8 April, 2021
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