Mean everything that you do! — Dinner with Leonie Ki, Executive Director of New World Development

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Dinner with Leonie has raised 159 volunteer hours

Sometimes the most meaningful and inspiring conversations happen over casual meals. The Time Auction Blog is a snippet of our meetings with people who have found passion in their life and career, where we get a glimpse into their mentality behind their ventures.

Leonie Ki is not only the Executive Director of New World Development, but also a legend in the advertising industry. With over 40 years of experience and having designed numerous memorable campaigns, she is also a giver — actively participating in community work, even acting as a council member of UNICEF.

Over dinner, Leonie shared with us stories of how she balances her hectic work life and philanthropic activities, and told us why she so avidly gives back.

Is there a philosophy that you live by?

Live your life to the fullest!

I am afraid of dying, and that fear drives me to push myself harder. People often ask me how I allocate my time, and my answer is simple, a third each for working, travelling around and volunteering and if I am really exhausted I make it a quarter each and adding sleeping to my list.

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Is there something you want to teach others to do?

Do charity. I have always engaged in different kinds of charity work. It is always nice to give back. We always think that we are helping others when we do voluntary work, but the fact is they are helping us as well.

Volunteering gives you satisfaction,

it sates our mental desires. I don’t mind helping any of you out if you want to start a charity, as long as you mean it.

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What is one thing you want everyone to take away from this meeting?

Whatever you do, you should mean it, with all your heart,

People can feel whether you mean it.

Give it your all, reach for the stars. You might never reach them but you will have a goal and drive to do so. And who knows, if you try your best, you might actually have a chance at reaching them.

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Thank you Leonie for donating dinner and raising 159 volunteer hours to Social Career, Scout Association of Hong Kong, Food Angel Hong Kong and more!

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Updated on 8 April, 2021
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