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Food for the mind & body — Lunch with Peggy, Founder of Grassroots Pantry

Any foodie who is health conscious would probably have been to Grassroots Pantry on Hollywood Road. It was a bliss to meet with Peggy Chan, Chef and Founder of Grassroots Pantry, who provided us not only with a taste of her delectable vegetarian dishes but also plenty of food for thought at this “very instagrammable […]

Talking Entrepreneurship with Coils, Founder of 759 Store

We had lunch at the 759 Canteen with Coils Lam, Founder of 759 Store — which has somewhat changed my perception of what entrepreneurship and leadership is. Coils is a very easy-going and friendly person, who walked around to greet and chat with everyone. We asked for an hour of his time, and he insisted […]

Startup Advice from Norma, Founder of DayDayCook

“I’m stressed when I’m not working — that’s what passion is.” From Fresh Abalone to Chinese Marinated Chicken, there is a wide variety of cooking videos produced by DayDayCook. Started as a blog 4 years ago, DayDayCook has evolved into a fast-growing culinary platform with millions of subscribers online. In this sunny afternoon, we met […]

3 Things I Learned from Andrew, VP of Genting Hong Kong

Ever wonder what the secret is to popular nightclubs and restaurants? Or how one can excel in this competitive F&B industry? We were excited to find out from Andrew Li, Vice President of Genting Hong Kong and Executive Chairman of ZOUK, who has brought you many high profile venues and events such as nightclub Bungalow, […]

Joe Chiu, VP of EF Education First, on Understanding Yourself to Finding the Right Job

“It’s important to know yourself, to know what you are good at and what drives you.” Joe Chiu is passionate about empowering youth through education and is currently serving as Vice President of EF Education First — a world leader in international education. Yet, his career journey into education is not straightforward. Joe carries an […]

Lunch with Guy, Chief Executive of Swire Properties

It was a pleasure to meet with Guy Bradley, Chief Executive of Swire Properties, one of the most respected companies in Hong Kong known not only for its commitment to quality, but its involvement in the arts, the community and the environment. We had lunch with Guy, who was according to the volunteers, “surprisingly down-to-earth […]

Lunch with Steven, Founder & CEO of GoGoVan

If you have been following the Hong Kong start-up scene, you’d have most likely heard of Steven Lam, Founder & CEO of GoGoVan. Along with our volunteers at Time Auction, we had the opportunity to meet Steven and hear story of his entrepreneurial journey and the creation of GoGoVan. Steven’s teenage years were unlike his […]

An Afternoon with Tom, Founder of Hong Kong Free Press

It is an invaluable occasion to visit the Hong Kong Free Press office in Cyberport with Tom Grundy, the Editor-in-Chief and Co-director, who shared with us their daily operation and strategic goals with a high level of transparency. “For the voice of the voiceless, not the powerful” To protect freedom of the press, HKFP collects […]

Lunch with Yin-Man, Investment Strategist

It was a privilege to have lunch with Yin-Man Tang, CFO of a HK listed company. Grew up in a fishing village in Hong Kong and later in the UK, he has gone on to become an investment strategist — ranked number 1 Best Performing Portfolio Manager in the UK in 1997–8, investing for one […]

Dinner with Garic, Chief Officer (Business Development) of Taipan Bread & Cakes

Had a thought-provoking night with Garic, Director and Chief Officer (Business Development) of Taipan Bread & Cakes. Garic offered us a very holistic view on life, especially for career planning. He advises us to dig deep into an industry we’re interested in — understanding the job routine, and more importantly, how people’s values are shaped […]

Lunch with Emma, CEO of Quintessentially Lifestyle

Quintessentially Lifestyle is a global private member’s club that offers concierge & lifestyle management services. We sat down and chatted with Emma as she shared how she arrived alone in Hong Kong, and with sheer determination, landed a job at British Chambers and eventually at Quintessentially to build their presence in Asia. Her advice to […]

Lunch with Sally, Founder of Hong Kong Dog Rescue

It was an insightful and cheery Thai lunch with Sally Andersen, who founded Hong Kong Dog Rescue and has helped saved the lives of countless abandoned dogs in Hong Kong. We sat down and chatted with Sally as she shared her life journey in Hong Kong, arriving here 31 years ago as a traveler and […]
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