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Empowerment through Design — Lunch with William To, Executive Director of PMQ

Sometimes the most meaningful and inspiring conversations happen over casual meals. The Time Auction Blog is a snippet of our meetings with people who have found passion in their life and career. When we first think about PMQ or other creative spaces in Hong Kong, most would associate them with the keyword ‘art’. This was […]

3 Things We Learned from Building a Charity in Hong Kong

2017 is a big deal at Time Auction. We’ve just gotten our first full-time employee, our charity status (read: you can now donate money to us and pay less taxes), an office (read: 1 desk) and raised funding to go all in on our mission. Things just got real. We’re now officially a charity. For […]

Lunch with Francis, Founder of Social Ventures Hong Kong

What an inspiring and hearty vegetarian lunch with Francis Ngai, Co-founder of Social Ventures Hong Kong, which has helped created many successful social enterprises such as Diamond Cab, Green Monday and RunOurCity! “Being an entrepreneur is a lot like running an ultra marathon, when you’re running with no one in sight and having cramps in […]

Lunch with William, Creative Director at PMQ

As the creative brains behind PMQ, and for 9 years Business of Design Week (BoDW), William is a major pusher for the great strides made in the HK creative scene the past decade. Thank you William for the lunch and a private behind-the-scene tour of PMQ! We were inspired with many takeaways — from the […]

Lunch with Robin, Director at Foodlink Foundation

“Most people nowadays only focus on themselves, and they aren’t happy because they’re constantly chasing the next pay raise and promotion. Only when you focus on helping others, will you feel truly content.” Thank you Robin for sharing your wisdom and story of growing Foodlink, a charity that feeds over 1,500 people in need per […]