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Dinner with Garic, Chief Officer (Business Development) of Taipan Bread & Cakes

Had a thought-provoking night with Garic, Director and Chief Officer (Business Development) of Taipan Bread & Cakes. Garic offered us a very holistic view on life, especially for career planning. He advises us to dig deep into an industry we’re interested in — understanding the job routine, and more importantly, how people’s values are shaped […]

An Afternoon with Lisa, Founder of Sheer

Founded in 2011, Sheer is a luxury lingerie boutique that was born out of Lisa’s frustration of lack of quality & affordable lingerie. Together with our volunteers, we spent an afternoon with Lisa as she shares with us her vision, motivations and challenges with creating her own business. Thank you Lisa for donating your time […]

Lunch with Simon, Founder of NEST Investments and Fluid

“Do you realize that the most successful people act like they have nothing to lose?” A light lunch with a fruitful chat on taking risks, finding your passion and how to take your ideas forward — Thank you Simon for the sharing and taking us on a tour of the awesome office of Nest and […]

Lunch with Robin, Director at Foodlink Foundation

“Most people nowadays only focus on themselves, and they aren’t happy because they’re constantly chasing the next pay raise and promotion. Only when you focus on helping others, will you feel truly content.” Thank you Robin for sharing your wisdom and story of growing Foodlink, a charity that feeds over 1,500 people in need per […]

Meeting with Jennifer, Founder of ARCH Education

The 2-hour session with Jennifer was definitely the most useful crash course for these education-minded volunteers, covering everything essential from interview skills to how one can help change education for the better! This meeting has raised over 60 volunteer hours to Hands On, Service Civil International, Mission to New Arrivals and more.