5 Reasons Why Volunteering is an Act of Self-Care

Volunteering is a two-way street, and by supporting a cause close to your heart, you’ll be reaping extraordinary benefits. Discovering new definitions of self-fulfilment and contentment sounds amazing right? 1. Sense of Belonging to Your Local Community How well do you actually know the community you’re living in? Volunteering offers an opportunity for you to […]
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Top 4 Social Impact Podcasts in Hong Kong You Should Start Listening To

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular ever since the pandemic, have you jumped on the bandwagon yet? Introducing podcasts that are based in Hong Kong, featuring captivating stories and sparking interests in for-impact initiatives, generating ideas on how we can better our lives individually and collectively! 1. #Impact Podcast The #Impact Podcast with host Regina Larko […]
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